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Drills, skills and fun!

Make the most out of the summer break. Learn new, vital skills in good company.

Drills, skills and fun!

Make the most out of the summer break. Learn new, vital skills in good company.

Pro Prospect Summer Youth skill Camp 2020

Pro Prospect Youth Camp is an individually focused ice hockey specific off-season training camp for 14–17 yrs old ice hockey players.

Individually focused?

At the beginning of the camp we test the players on and off the ice to determine the individual developments needs. The results will be the start point of all the training.

Thorough TESTING

On-ice individual skills, techniques and physiological properties:

  • Skating (techniques, body position, speed, mobility)

Off-ice ice hockey specific physiological properties:

  • Power
  • Mobility
  • Balance
  • Body control

Test pattern is created by Pro Prospect experts. Tests will be filmed and techniques and physiological properties analyzed. Each part of the tests gives detailed information of the individual properties of the players.

Speed is only one of the properties we test.

optimized Training

Practices will be filmed and performance analyzed  to give real time feedback for the players. Practices will be held by specialized experts of each specific property.

Group size is kept small to ensure maximum attention to the players. Drills and exercises are designed to build sport specific skills and abilities. We develop strong and healthy athletes.


On-ice individual skills and techniques
  • Skating
  • Stickhandling
  • Shooting
  • Passing & receiving



Off-ice ice hockey specific physiological properties
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Mobility
  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Body control

Please note that any published outline schedules are a guide only, do not form a contractual obligation on us and may be subject to change. See our Terms and Conditions.

Take the results home

Every test result and analysis is yours to take home with you. We create a player profile for you including

  • test results
  • skill and technique properties
  • physiological properties

and an individual development tips with key points to focus on in the future.

Your player profile works also as an communication channel with Pro Prospect experts in case you need help after the camp.

You can also use it as an reporting channel with your coaches when you get home.


No hidden costs

Recovery and rest are important components of athletic development. We want to make sure our athletes sleep, eat and feel well. And have a good time also outside of the training hall.

The price includes:


  • Accommodation and meals
    • Staying at Rauhalahti Spa Hotel
    • Lunch, dinner and evening snack every day
    • Breakfast buffet every morning
  • Transportation in Kuopio area during the camp
  • Physiotherapy and medical services if needed
  • Uniform off-ice training outfit (t-shirt, shorts)
  • On-ice training jersey to use during the camp
  • Some free time activities
The price does not include your travelling costs to Kuopio.


Early bird


Maximum 10 players accepted in order of registration.

Normal price 1340€
after 29.2.2020