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Ice Hockey Skill Camp 19.-29.7.2021 in Kuopio

Pro Prospect Skill Camps are all-inclusive ice hockey camps for players who are 17 years old or older. In skill camps training and coaching focuses on player’s individual development needs that are verified with in on and off ice testing regime.

All camp prices are a sum of two parts: the training and coaching plus accomodation and transportation.  You can click smt2 open in new icon icon in the end of each item to take a closer look of what they include.

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Accommodation & Transportation – Skill Camp 2021

Pro Prospect's Skill Camp is an all-inclusive training camp. Recovery and rest are important components of athletic development. We want to make sure our athletes sleep, eat and feel well. And have a good time also outside of the training hall.

NOTICE! The price does not include your traveling costs to Kuopio.


Coaching and Training Package – Skill Camp 2021

Training and coaching in Pro Prospect's Skill Camps are highly focused on players individual development needs. Camp includes only small group training so the participants get the coaches maximum attention. Skill camps concentrate on ice hockey specific skills and technique drills.

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